Children and Origami

Origami: Improving Children’s Minds One Fold at a Time

"From a teacher or parent’s standpoint, origami is a perfect activity to foster a child’s development. But there’s another benefit as well – (most) children love origami. What makes origami such an enjoyable activity?

Origami caters to a child’s interests. Children can create anything through origami – from useful wallets and protection amulets, to cool bugs and cute animals, to toys like shuriken, swords, and tops. One boy even made a Nintendo 3ds which could play any game imaginable (or should it be – only games imaginable?).  With so many options available, children can choose something that they want to create. This makes origami more motivating than other, by-the-book school activities.

Origami empowers children with choice. Children choose what to make, what kind of paper to use and what color to make it. Once the origami is complete a child has control over it and can chose what to do with it. Many of my students use their origami as a way to show they care by giving them as presents.  The Sadako Sasaki story of One Thousand Cranes famously exemplifies origami gift giving.

Source:  Tofugo.com